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Everyone is special in some way, but we are characterized by a love and passion for digital marketing that was crucial for us to turn in that direction. Our focus is to help clients with their biggest problems, not just advertising. We are here to expand your business, support your brand and generate revenue through a state-of-the-art digital strategy. For a large part of the knowledge, expertise and certificates we have to thank the “Svinaweb Academy” where we learned through the svinaweb methodology how every company benefits from internet marketing.

What makes us special?

With digital marketing, we can help someone achieve the desired business results, and we love to help.

Young and energetic

We love helping clients break their market boundaries. Our great advantage is that we are small and we dedicate ourselves completely to each client.

What we believe

Marketing is all about getting results, creating quality leads and designing a powerful process to turn those leads into loyal customers that should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, not just part of it.

We love to share our knowledge

Just as we are eager to acquire knowledge, we are equally motivated to share it with our clients. This is because we believe that working in synergistic partnership with others creates amazing relationships that are capable of achieving great things.

What we do best

Website design

Content Marketing




Our mission

At Appareo Digital, our ultimate mission is to offer outstanding digital marketing services to SMEs and small businesses and we want to be the best at it. Through our range of services, we will attract more potential customers and enable them to turn these guides into revenue.

Our vision

Our vision can be summed up in one sentence – we want to be the best in our business. Although it is a simple goal, it takes a lot of time and even harder work. We focus on what we see in the future and where we see our clients; we measure our success by the success of our clients. Appareo Digital’s vision largely revolves around setting a new standard of quality and work ethic in the online marketing industry. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients and help them be visionaries and trendsetters in their fields and industries.

Want to get better acquainted with digital marketing?

Sit comfortably in your armchair and browse our blog and texts that will guide you closer to the whole concept. We regularly write articles about our experiences we have had while doing business with a variety of clients.

Are you familiar with digital marketing, but don't know what all the services are on the market?

You’ve read it on the internet, a colleague told you, you’ve seen it in a competitor, and you still don’t know what opportunities it will give you? Take a look at our services to make the overall overview as clear as possible.

You know what’s on offer, but you don’t know what you need?

Take your digital marketing to the next level. Digital marketing is a lot harder than it looks. Do it right and grow your business. Fill out our quiz and find out which advertising method you need the most.

How do we work?

It all starts with a plan that is formulated around our understanding of your sales and operating processes. This is followed by identifying the key goals you want to achieve with your business in terms of web presence and digital marketing. Once these goals are set, we will design a customized digital marketing plan according to a predetermined methodology that is tailored to the specific requirements of your organization. This will include marketing campaigns that will be conducted in the digital promotion of your business or services. Once marketing campaigns are launched and we are able to receive all the necessary data through our web analytics, we can begin to identify areas that need to be improved in order to fully optimize each individual marketing channel and campaign.

The final outcome? Better results with a lower conversion cost.

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