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Your website needs to be much more than an online brochure. It needs to be compelling and effective to turn visitors into real customers. It is necessary to attract an audience with which a connection can be created for future business opportunities. We develop websites that are tailored to your specific business goals and serve as the foundation of your digital strategy.


Important components of a website


The most important item of any website that also makes a decision about how you will be ranked on search engines. Relevant and useful content that is properly organized and distributed is important. If visitors to the website cannot find enough information about what they are looking for, they will look for that information elsewhere. The ultimate goal is to attract attention, build trust, bring potential customers to your place of business, and ultimately turn them into customers.


It is extremely important for the retention and satisfaction of users who come to the website, and then for the best possible position on Google because Google understands that consumers want quick access to information, products and services and it rewards those websites that load quickly. Slow loading will cause user dissatisfaction and will leave the site very quickly.


Website optimization for Google and other search engines involves a set of activities that are done on and off the website to improve search engine rankings. Most consumers start the process of buying certain products / services by researching relevant topics on search engines.

Adaptability to all devices

Responsive web design is an inevitable thing today as a large number of users search through their mobile devices. If your website is not clear, the information is not as accessible as on the computer will cause great dissatisfaction among users. Google’s algorithm better positions those that are adapted to mobile devices in the search engine.


Website structure is important not only for the users’ point of view, but also to help Google understand the context of your website and how they relate to each other. Google’s crawlers search a website similar to your users and determine your ranking based on that observation.

Monitoring and optimization tools

Do you believe that Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels can do a lot for your business? In digital marketing, data is important and gives your business insight into actual reports and analytics. In one place you know everything about the behavior of visitors and who they are, how they came to your website, what is the most popular content, from which devices they most often search, whether they leave the website immediately or are interested in your products / services. With this information you can fully plan business strategies, do remarketing lists as well as grow faster in your business.

How do we work and what is the price of the website?

For most of the businesses we encounter, WordPress is the best platform for creating CMS websites because its functionality can be expanded to suit the needs of your business. Digital marketing today requires that your business have a CMS that is easy to use and does not interfere with content and marketing goals. The website shows how professional you are in what you do and what kind of entrepreneur you are. A quality and beautifully defined website gives the impression that your business is like that, so in this way you attract new customers.

The cost of creating a website depends on the basic elements needed to create a website and the content on the website itself. Everyone has different requirements so the price is variable. When we open a website, we first look at it visually, its structure, photos, layout of elements, but we expect quality content behind it all. Fill out our short questionnaire and find out the costs of creating a website for your business entity.

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